We’re going to marry an algorithm. Who are you without digital? | by William Barter | June 2022


Who are you without digital?

We have evolved in history because we have learned to collaborate.

The spirit of collaboration has been the powerful force that has enabled our species to overcome all the challenges it has faced thus far.

Of all the strategies used by human beings to survive on this planet, only one has really made all the difference: education.


Yes, transmitting the accumulated knowledge to each generation has allowed us to evolve, to move forward. And why are we doing this? Why invest time and money in training young people and children for the challenges of their time?

Theoretically, if we’re not going to live forever, why worry about what’s going to happen in a future when we’re not there? Why not allow our children to solve their problems on their own, without our intervention?

Of course, these questions sound stupid, I’m sure. But they can serve to put things into perspective.

In the distant past, millions of years ago, our ancestors spent their days picking fruit and eating small animals, here and there, wherever they could find them. Today, we open an app, swipe a bright screen, and a hot meal arrives at our doorstep minutes later.

Why did this happen? Why are things never the same in human history? Why do we always try to do things differently?

We have evolved more in recent decades than in all of human history. Why is the expansion of our science accelerating more and more?

It seems that time is distorted. It feels like it’s slipping through your fingers. It doesn’t feel like it used to when you felt like you were in control.

In the distant past, our grandparents ate, protected themselves, traveled and slept. Today, the concepts of food, security, transport and sleep are as ambiguous as our ability to manage time.

Since the first collaborative act, when one of our grandparents understood that if two people did something together it would be easier, faster and safer, life in society has never been the same.

Distorting reality has become our specialty. Giving wings to the imagination has made us essentially human, distancing us from other animals.

We become addicted to ideas. And the greatest fun was always playing them with other people.

Our works have become so great that sometimes the time of a generation was not enough to complete them. It was therefore necessary to store information and prepare our descendants to move forward, providing them with everything necessary so that the creative process of the tribe, the city, the kingdom or an entire country does not stop. not.

Our imagination is so powerful that it transcends time and space.

Even trapped in a tiny void in time, which lasts an average of 60 or 70 years, we manage to bend the rules and prove that, in many ways, we are present in time and that it is not possible -be no bigger or more powerful than our ideas. .

This spark that keeps the human heart in a continuous fire, which never ceases to generate agitation, is the secret that always keeps us in motion. Create new ways to overcome all the challenges that life throws at us.

The art of human collaboration has created so many possibilities, and throughout history we have worked for each other, paid each other, and let our children carry on this tradition.


Somehow life has begun to change and this premise is in jeopardy.

The passivity of thick volumes of paper containing everything we needed to know to understand who we are and where we could go has been replaced by fiber optic cables, spread over digital servers across the planet.

Knowledge is active and omnipresent.

Knowledge does not wait for you to seek it, it is “alive” and constantly watches over us, seeking to understand who we are and ready to tell us where we must go.

Are we going to marry an algorithm?

What do you think?


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