WATCH: MANCOSA Launches Information and Digital Technology School to Meet Demand for Tech Skills



The rapid growth of information and digital technologies, perpetuated by the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), has the capacity to bring about widespread change for the better.

In response to the overwhelming demand for contemporary and responsive digital and computer education offerings, MANCOSA (a proud member of the Honoris United Universities network) launched the School of Information and Digital Technology (SIDT) on September 1.

Information and digital technology training is no longer an exclusive area for aspiring tech-fundi, IT managers and IT directors. Instead, digital and IT education is now a prerequisite for anyone seeking to operate in a wide range of industries and sectors within the modern digital economy. Seventy-three percent of South African leaders agree that organizations need to fundamentally revamp experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric way.

SIDT attracts students seeking to develop their skills and qualifications as technology professionals, while also reaching out to students who can work in a variety of other industries and seek to function effectively as digital citizens, digital artisans, leaders and innovators.

By developing the optimal level of digital skills for students, SIDT’s program offerings include a mix of formal learning programs (FLP) and short learning programs (SLP). A wide variety of topics and topics are offered through SIDT.

These range from digital marketing, cybersecurity and social media to technology management, digital leadership, 3D printing and robotics.

Paresh Soni, Director of MANCOSA, said: “The School of Information and Digital Technology will help equip professionals, managers and leaders with the skills and knowledge to navigate the next evolution of optimization. , automation and more: the fifth industrial revolution (5IR). “

In this new era, humans and technology will coexist, driven by a common goal, noted Pari.

“SIDT was created by MANCOSA to help current and future professionals, specialists and business leaders usher in the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR). 5IR goes beyond the 4IR pillars of over-automation and obsessive optimization, and aims to bring humans back to the forefront of thinking. We want to rehumanize technological education in the age of machines, automation and artificial intelligence, ”added Soni.

It is a space where humanism, empathy, civility, inclusiveness, creativity and purpose will thrive alongside profit and digital transformation.

“We have smartphones, smart cities and smart cars. As a modern, world-class higher education institution, MANCOSA strives to challenge the status quo. We interrogated and experimented with intelligent learning to create a smarter human. To achieve this, we realized that traditional approaches to design, development, packaging and delivery of education needed to be transformed. Our approach to education and 21st century skills opportunities is imbued with cutting-edge innovation while upholding our philosophy of affordable access to education, ”continued Soni.

Soni said that a range of shorter courses, such as 100% online self-paced, blended practical training (BHoT) and masterclasses have also been developed to address a wide range of basic skills. , intermediaries and experts linked to information and digital technology. Technology.

Courses offered at SIDT include coding, programming, AI, robotics, digital transformation, digital marketing, IT management, cybersecurity, machine learning, data science, cloud computing, development Web, ethical hacking, app development, blockchain and networking.



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