Viral digital art blows up the internet, video stuns internet users; look


In a world full of emerging technologies, there are artists offering their unique creations. People are using different apps that allow them to add details like never before to their work. Proof of this, a video made the rounds of the internet, which shows an incredible digital drawing.

The viral digital artwork video was shared on Twitter by a digital illustrator, who goes by the name Vaskange (@Vaskange). The clip begins with a simple image that shows an artist working on a drawing. However, as one zooms in on the small image of a Polaroid seen in the same image, another emerges. This continues to happen as the camera continues to zoom from one detail in one portrait to another detail in the next. The caption for the video reads, “Original video of my works here. Stay tuned, for more endless stories!”

Internet user reactions

The viral digital art left netizens stunned and garnered around 16.7 million views. The video also prompted many people to express their views. One user wrote: “It’s mind blowing.” A second user wrote, “Really amazing, hope more people start thanking you for your hard work. Looking forward to your future projects!” A third user wrote, “This is the coolest! Tiny little universes inside everything.”

Image: Twitter/@Vaskange


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