Ufi’s VocTech week returns to explore the role of digital technology in vocational education – FE News


From November 14-18, Ufi VocTech Trust will host a free program of in-person and online events exploring the role of digital technology in vocational education and celebrating its impact on learners, employers, training providers and society. society as a whole.

The program includes explorations and discussions around:

  • Support communities of hidden learners through human-centered design.
  • Find networks and communities that support teaching and learning, the use of technology and specialization in the vocational education and training sector.
  • Impact investment in technology to address skills and employment challenges.
  • The UK skills landscape, challenges and opportunities, and how we can deliver a positive vision for systems change.
  • How digital tools provide accessible, personalized and high-quality learning in the prison and criminal justice sector.

A knowledge sharing event will provide a great opportunity to engage with industry leaders and future thinkers through interactions and discussions.

VocTech Week is open to trainers, training providers, developers, investors, funders, founders and policy makers to network, discuss and celebrate “what works” in the financing, development and deployment of professional technology; and is a great opportunity to get inspired by how digital solutions are transforming the lives of adult learners across the UK.

The full schedule of events is available here.

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