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News on continuing education

FE News Channel gives you the most up-to-date information on education as well as details on the most current education strategies as well as the future of Education and the #AvenirduTravail.

We offer reliable and constant, positive information and opinion on education since 2003. Since 2003, we’ve been a Web-based news site with the ability to combine written content with audio and video. Our aim is to provide you with the latest information regarding education. Our attitude is always optimistic and encouraging, assisting to enhance the education sector by offering the various perspectives and views of leaders in the field. We provide you with an innovative think tank that is full of concepts and ideas that bridge both the educational and business worlds and develop new ideas and solutions.

FE News publishes exclusive articles on thought-leadership and thought-leadership from our group of story-writers and content written by readers via our global network, which includes over 3000 newsrooms. We offer a variety of sources for the most up-to-date information on education across the globe. Education and employment sectors.

FE News also broadcasts live events, podcasts, and interviews with top experts and thought-leaders webinars, video and periodic newsletters regarding continuing education to keep you updated on the latest advancements in the field of education as well as on the subject of continuous education as well as employability.

Each week FE News offers more than 200 fresh content and articles every week. We offer news media with the most up-to-date details on the process of learning that continues throughout life. We offer information from various sources on the most recent developments in the field of education, as well as the most recent strategies. We also provide information to our thought leaders who provide insights into innovative ways of thinking that use the most efficient practices and innovation to aid in making predictions about the future. For advancement in learning and in the direction of employment.

The year was January 20th. twenty-one years ago, FE News had over 173,000 unique users as per Google Analytics and over 200 every week, featuring new articles and news, as well as the latest educational news through video, podcasts and podcasts and published. News releases and press announcements are available from all over the world. We rank in the top 200 websites in Britain. UK.

We considered it important to give a complete explanation of the way we organize our most recent news regarding education, as well as the ways that you can get involved and receive the most current daily information on continuing education and how we arrange the content we release. Of the week of the FE week:

Main Features

Our most popular articles are unique and include stimulating pieces and an analysis of the blue sky. Experts are working on peer-to-peer news articles that examine the future of the realm of education and what the future of work could look like. We are focused on thought leadership that focuses at the solutions. We also talk about the most innovative methods as well as the best practices and the most innovative approaches. These are usually pieces of how education is going to develop and the working environment of the near future will appear to be. This could lead to the creation and development of the news on education. The main topics we offer are limited to a primary feature of only 20 articles each week since they usually are inspired by new concepts and methods of Thinking. Our most loved feature are unique pieces that address the most recent news in education. It could also be an expert’s opinion on the policies of a particular government or the response to a research study from an educational think tank or White Book.

FE voice

FE Voices was originally created as a separate component within FE News to give voice to the news industry. With over 3000 newsrooms as well as contributors FE Voices are generally thought to be content thought to be the best. It’s not exclusive. However, they are generally less than our other offerings. FE Voices may include more mixed media content, such as Continuing Education Information articles, including podcasts, and embedded videos. Articles about industry responses that seek feedback and opinions on announcements on educational policies and responses to white paper review articles usually are included in the FE Voices section. If we’ve had the opportunity to broadcast live at an event or radio show such as SkillsWorldLive and we’d like to include this in our area. SkillsWorldLive radio show later in the morning, we’ve put the FE podcast in the FE Voices section.

Sector news

The Industry News, we have many announcements, articles as well as educational material, including reports of research on education and research papers that feature contributors from a variety of authors. We offer an assortment of news stories that are positive on education from awarding bodies and apprenticeship providers, as and press releases from DfE and think tanks, offering the overview of their reports and other information. They can help in developing educational techniques for you learners as well as your students.


We offer a variety of educational podcasts through FE News, from full hour production FE programs such as SkillsWorldLive with the assistance of an alliance with the Federation of Awarding Bodies, to regularly scheduled podcasts by thought-leaders and experts offering direction and suggestions to managers. FE News also produces podcasts about conferences and events. They also produce one-on-one audio podcasts that feature experts in educational fields, and seminars on the latest developments and strategies.

We have hundreds of educational and informative podcasts through FE News, ranging from EdTech podcasts featuring experts who discuss the subject of education 4.0 with regard to how technology transforms and improves education. Additionally, we host podcasts featuring experts who discuss the latest research. The future of education and work of the future, and the best method to build skills systems that can prepare students for jobs in the near future. Interview with Ministers for Learning and Skills.

Podcasts we create are owned by private individuals FE News podcasts, work with industry partners like FAB to produce daily and weekly podcasts. We also collaborate with experts from the field to create distinct and insightful podcasts.

Interviews using educational video

FE News includes more than 700 video interviews with FE and has created videos on experts and education for over 12 years. They are typically audio-visual discussions with experts in the field of work and education. They discuss their ideas and thoughts about what the future holds for education as well as the workplace.


FE News offers an event calendar for free that highlights the latest events, webinars and conferences which allows users to keep up current with the most recent information on education as well as the most recent techniques.

Rooms for press within the F

The FE Newsroom houses your content in the event that it is one of the FE News contributor. Readers can also establish relationships with you or your company when they click on the “box” for access to your articles that are based off ideas and press releases regarding topics of education or videos. as well as educational audio podcasts.

Are you trying to communicate your thoughts or ideas? You can also share your thoughts through the form of an announcement in the press?

In the event that you’re looking to write an article about the power of thinking or share your thoughts and thoughts on what the future holds for education, or in the near future announce an announcement which highlights the latest news in education or take part in podcasts, start by creating your individual FE Newsroom Connection (free) after it has been approved by the team (all media like newsrooms, newsrooms, and articles can be approved and endorsed through members of the FE News team of experts and there are no automated tools to accomplish the job! ) Then you are able to begin making content (again podcasts and articles are also approved by editors of FE News editors prior to being published by FE News). Because all newsrooms and their content are approved by people on their FE News team and there is a short delay before the team is able to review and accept the article.

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