Transforming digital design in Pacific fisheries


The Digital Design Canva x PTI Australia program is a collaboration between PTI Australia and the global visual communications platform, Canva, providing Pacific participants with access to the Canva Pro platform as well as tailored training to hone their skills. creation of digital and visual content.

PTI Australia Trade and Investment Commissioner Caleb Jarvis said the recent inclusion of FFA members in the program illustrates the strong relationship between Pacific agencies to share resources, tools and ideas. mutually beneficial.

“We are honored to be able to work with FFA member communications teams, providing cost-effective access to digital design expertise and online content creation tools,” he said.

“The FFA facilitates regional cooperation so that all Pacific countries benefit from the sustainable use of tuna, one of the region’s largest export industries, and which PTI Australia actively supports and promotes.

“We are always open to opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with different regional intergovernmental organizations to better advance the achievement of our common goal of sustainable development in the Pacific region. “

FFA Managing Director Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen hailed the partnership with PTI Australia as another important avenue to support FFA member countries.

“The FFA is really excited to be able to work with our colleague from the Pacific, Pacific Trade Invest Australia, to support the development of these incredibly important digital skills within national fisheries communication teams,” said Dr Tupou-Roosen.

“We recognize and thank PTI Australia for including our members in this important training program. Telling the story of the Pacific fisheries in a creative and engaging way is an invaluable skill that our members must continue to develop. We look forward to continuing this important partnership and the continued development of their communications staff. “

Training participant Siosi’ani Matangi, Ministry of Fisheries – Tonga, said the program was useful for developing digital design skills and connecting with other Pacific Fisheries Communication colleagues.

“All aspects of training and scholarship are indeed helpful, especially the use of Canva for media resource design. We thank PTI Australia and FFA for this practical opportunity.

“Thanks to PTI Australia for the training and to FFA for organizing and building a network for National Fisheries colleagues to learn together. “

In early August, the 12 participants of the FFA Digital Design Canva x PTI Australia program participated in a private intensive training session, an advanced group training session and joined the online community of digital designers of PTI Australia.

The tools and training offered simple and cost-effective solutions for creating social media posts, posters, brochures, short videos, QR codes, GIFs, web pages, presentations and recorded seminars.

The training also covered the fundamentals of digital design, visual communication and branding.

(Participants in the digital design program; Siosi’ani Finau Matangi and Christina ‘Akimeta)


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