The increasingly popular and well-known digital art


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What do you think are the challenges for artists or even art dealers when art “passes” into the metaverse, Jan? Do we still need galleries or exhibitions?
Jan Karnath: We are currently in the midst of a massive shift that is driven by a whole generation: digital goods are gaining in value – with all that this development entails. Today, thanks to the Metavers, everyone is able to design their own exhibition and organize their works. Thanks to the metaverse, everyone can become a curator themselves, which is supposed to diminish the former influence of galleries, museums and exhibitions. This certainly poses challenges for classic art dealers, with great potential at the same time. It is fundamental to understand this development for what it is: as a possibility, as does, for example, Johann König. König manages to digitally translate his pieces, design hybrid models and thus lead the way as a pioneer. The lines between the real world and the metaverse are blurring, and this overlap creates a sweet spot that has great potential for disruption and will fundamentally change an entire industry.


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