The FAIFA welcomes the measures taken to promote digital technology


The Federation of All Farmers’ Associations of India (FAIFA) has welcomed the measures taken by the Ministry of Agriculture to promote digital technology in the agricultural sector.

In a statement, the FAIFA said that adopting the technology in the agricultural sector would enable farmers, especially smallholder farmers (SHFs), to make informed decisions about which crops to grow, which variety of seeds to use. and adoption of best practices. In addition, it would provide a framework for farmers for future transactions while selling their products and help them navigate the market easily while reducing the risk of uncertainty. It is about maximizing yield, which makes the agricultural sector profitable.

“The introduction of digital technologies in the agricultural sector will allow precise targeting of all subsidies, services and policies for the benefit of the farming community. This is in addition to the modernization of agricultural supply chains, enabling agricultural supply chain actors to plan their purchases and logistics on accurate and timely information. It will also give a boost to projects that use artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to modernize the country’s agricultural sector, ”said FAIFA President Javare Gowda.

He said the government’s decision to partner with private sector companies establishes a common intention to educate and increase farmer incomes between government, business and the farming community to bring about revolutionary changes in the Indian agricultural sector. This move would bring significant results for small farmers by increasing their incomes, protecting their products and encouraging future generations to engage in farming as well, he said.


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