SALCC student embarks on digital art


Juggling school and running a business can be overwhelming, but 18-year-old Joshua Joseph makes it seem quite manageable. Sir Arthur Lewis’s student turned inspiration into business and produced incredible digital art.

JXJ Designs officially started in 2019, however, Joshua was inspired to become a digital artist while in high school. Although at the time his heart turned to computer technology and engineering, while he was one day browsing online he stumbled upon the work of an artist who took him into the world. digital art.

“I saw an artist online and liked their work and from there I got interested in digital art. I started to research this, how I can get started and what equipment I needed. Back then I didn’t have the equipment I needed so I used my phone and fingers to draw the artwork and gradually people saw my skills and asked me to work for them and said I could turn it into a business. . I started charging a small fee and started growing my customer base and eventually started my business, ”Joseph said.

JXJ Designs creates a range of digital designs such as portraits, logos, U2 flyers and U2 thumbnails, videos, artistic illustrations and basic animations. His work is incredible and his attention to detail is remarkable. Despite being good at what he does, Joshua admits there is a lot of room for improvement and opportunities for him to hone his craft.

Drake artwork by JXJ Designs

“I’m currently studying Digital Media Management at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. It gets a bit complicated to juggle school and my business but with good time management I’m able to cope. The good thing is. that what I study coincides with what I do to acquire more skills and knowledge, so that helps me, ”he said.

“But, studying in a way takes me time to practice. When it comes to working with clients, I have no problem, however, when it comes to practicing to improve my skills, it’s a little difficult. I have to set aside time for this because I do other things than school and art. I try as much as possible to plan so that I have time to do my art “, he said added.

The teenager praises the COVID-19 pandemic for giving him time to reflect, improve his fluency and become more proficient in digital art. Joshua plans to turn his business into a business or a legacy and create a clothing line with his own designs.

His advice to young entrepreneurs: “Sit down and decide exactly what you want to do. Make a plan. Determine what necessary tools you need to begin this journey. Also, don’t take people’s opinions to heart because not everyone will like your job, just keep pushing. Be sure to do your research in your field because as young people we tend to go into careers without knowing the field. Build your customer base and have an open mind.

If you would like your digital art designs to be made by JXJ Designs SLU, you can call them at 758-287-0762, email [email protected] or follow them on Instagram @ jxjdesigns.slu .


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