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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Punchcut, a leading digital product design and innovation company specializing in designing mindful experiences, celebrates its 20th anniversary today, accelerating innovation through to human-centered digital user experience design.

Launched in 2002, Punchcut began with a bold vision to design the future of our digital world in a more human way. Soon they were blazing new trails and leading businesses into the mobile revolution. At a time when everyone was focused on what’s happening on the web, Punchcut was focused on the future: new devices, new interface paradigms, and new digital frontiers. They have quickly become the design accelerator of the future by helping companies design for change.

Punchcut’s vision is to design a future where people come first and technology is a brilliant enabler of better experiences, easier lives and greater fulfillment wherever they travel, from anywhere. , in a mobile and fully connected lifestyle. In many ways, this vision has become a reality and continues to expand as they design more consciously for each new era of digital transformation.

Punchcut co-founder and CEO Ken Olewiler attributes the company’s success to the future vision and the right people. “For twenty years, we have impacted thousands of products and millions of people, designing innovative, engaging and enjoyable experiences. We’ve grown in size and scope, and helped our customers grow with us. Today, our teams are spread all over the country and our partners all over the world. We mark this moment to celebrate the creativity, diversity and generosity of everyone who has been on this journey with us. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had and excited for the ones to come.

Over the past twenty years, Punchcut has worked alongside some of the world’s most iconic and innovative companies such as Samsung, Ford, Google, Fitbit, Amazon, Disney, Visa, LG, Microsoft, Meta, Toyota, Medtronic, Sony and Nissan. Using their Design Acceleration method, they combine systematic design thinking with agile methods to help companies design more consciously for change and design new relationships between products and people. Punchcut has worked alongside clients who have embraced disruption to rethink the way technology empowers their users and drives their business. Punchcut has helped many of today’s market leaders find new ways to know, engage and embrace their customers digitally.

As the world has spent the past two decades moving towards an all-digital society, Punchcut has been at the forefront as a primary catalyst for change. Their expertise spans from digital devices to smartphones, cloud/IoT including home appliances, automotive, wearables and TVs, to natural immersive interfaces with voice, haptics, XR and intelligent services via assistants powered by AI, robotics and more. Punchcut’s expertise in conscious experience design has evolved to tie human characteristics and actions more closely to technology in every interaction.

The company envisions a future of dramatically accelerated innovation and the next twenty years of innovation, curiosity and community in an increasingly digital world.

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Punchcut is a digital product design and innovation company specializing in transforming the future experience. We consult with the world’s leading companies to imagine, design and deliver next-generation digital products and services that more consciously engage customers and transform businesses through emerging technologies. We provide design acceleration services that spark future vision, energize product design, and fuel the growth of our partners’ design team. Learn more at www.punchcut.com, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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