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In its first recruiting campaign since its start in November, the Shanghai Data Exchange (SDE) is starting to recruit globally for 150 positions this week, a strategic move for the city’s project to become “a global digital hub”. What makes it compelling is that the campaign will make the most of the metaverse – an emerging technology that is seen by industry leaders as the next big thing in Internet Communication Technology (ICT) technology.

Metaverse-style recruitment offers an immersive experience and digital collection giveaways for applicants, the government-backed data exchange has revealed. Apparently, the 150 vacancies cover nine divisions:

  • Business management
  • Marketing development
  • Data exchange service
  • Strategic development
  • Risk control
  • Product development
  • Human ressources
  • Financial direction
  • research Institute

To facilitate the immersive recruitment process, the exchange has set up a “metaverse room”. The platform is expected to allow candidates to explore companies and job descriptions online, submit resumes and attend interactive activities virtually. But there is more. Participants also have the option of receiving digital collections issued by the exchange. Additionally, expedited entry for Shanghai residency is possible for those who meet certain conditions.

The metaverse, or “meta-universe,” is an emerging technology that challenges traditional perceptions. It is basically a collective 3D virtual world where users can engage in different activities through their digital avatars. In short, it’s virtual reality on steroids.

Having become a buzzword in 2021, the metaverse has created a meta-market frenzy in equities, raising hopes for a boost in virtual domains that unlock major real-world dollars. Its real-world applications are far-reaching, as the metaverse shapes an alternate digital reality where people can interact with each other, play games, or work collaboratively with co-workers — and seemingly recruit. The digital collection offered by SDE is also in metaverse format.

Shanghai is the first city in the country to integrate metaverse development into the city’s long-term development plan and digital hub plan. It is also the most populous of all Chinese cities, not to mention that it is widely considered the wealthiest. In its digital transformation, China’s largest city could also go down in history as the first to use the metaverse in recruiting.

Located in the Pudong New Area, the Shanghai Data Exchange includes organizations serving data transactions, data asset valuations, data security and other sectors to create a comprehensive industrial ecosystem in Shanghai. At a grand opening ceremony last November, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng unveiled the swap.

The importance of data exchange in business cannot be overemphasized. These platforms are the bridges that connect an array of data providers with their vast data set to data acquirers who need relevant data to form timely insights that enable them to carry on their business effectively. With the SDE in operation, banks can now easily access data from utilities and mobile operators when deciding whether to make business loans. In the process, they reduce their exposure to risk.

China’s path to digital transformation is anything but tentative. The Asian country has repeatedly shown that it is ready to go all the way to explore all possible areas to advance its digital economy. The recruitment of the metaverse by the Shanghai Data Exchange attests to this.

The road ahead was filled with many back and forths. Indeed, the country’s digital adoption has not been as straightforward as China would like. But he hasn’t lost sight of technology as a tool for empowerment. As reported on OpenGov Asia, regional leaders at their recent annual “Two Sessions” meeting prioritized the latest ICT technologies on offer today.


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