NACETEM uses digital technology for effective communication | The Guardian Nigeria News


The Chief Executive of the National Center for Management of Technology (NACETEM), Prof. Okechukwu Ukwuoma, highlighted the need to leverage digital technology to foster effective communication in the workplace.

Ukwuoma, who spoke at a three-day training on strategic communication and public speaking for personal and organizational productivity in Ondo State, stressed the need to demystify public speaking in public and unravel the fundamentals of strategic communication.

He noted that words with the power to inform, persuade, educate and even entertain, should be optimally considered in the dynamics of growth and development.

He said, “Whether you are a small business owner, civil servant/civil servant, teacher, manager or even a student, the benefits of understanding public speaking skills cannot be overstated. In fact, the breakdown in communication is largely responsible for lack and/or low productivity in the workplace. An organization’s vision, mission, objectives and goals must be clearly communicated so that every staff member operates on the same page to achieve the company’s collective aspirations.

“In view of the above, NACETEM, a knowledge support institution, consciously reflected on the need to combine this training on strategic public speaking and communication with a view to highlighting the importance of communication even in the digital age.

He noted that there was a need to examine issues such as demystifying public speaking and involving effective communication for optimal results, strategic delivery of public speaking, management of innovation and productivity, communication and digital technology, time management and productivity, among others.

He added that the training would in the long term improve participants’ confidence, enhance better research skills and stronger deductive skills as well as improve their ability to advocate for meaningful causes at personal and organizational levels.


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