Ministry encourages farmers to use digital technology


Lombok Tengah (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has encouraged farmers in the tourist village of Belebante, in central Lombok, in western Nusa Tenggara, to use digital technology with the aim of improve their well-being.

“Agriculture in Indonesia has the potential to be developed using digital technology to increase production profits,” the director general of computer applications at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Samuel Abrijani Pengerapan, told of the Digital Farmer Movement 4.0 harvest event in Central Lombok on Thursday.

The ministry noted that there are 130 million internet users in Indonesia, nearly 50% of whom are young people. Data shows that digital apps can improve the economy of millennial farmers.

This is in line with the growing need for food and drink during the COVID-19 pandemic that is motivating food producers to seize the opportunity to hone their technological skills in the agricultural sector.

“To help adapt to the use of technology, farmers and fishermen are facilitated to use digital technology,” said Pengerapan.

Facilitating the use of digital technology involves training and advising farmers. The programs should help farmers increase their productivity.

Assistant II of the Lombok Central Regional Secretariat, H. Masnun, said agriculture was the most strategic sector during the pandemic.

“Rice production in central Lombok is sufficient to meet the needs of the community,” Masnun said.

With training in digital technologies, farmers should develop more advanced agriculture to solve problems without depending on other parties to increase production.

“We are applying digital technology which is driven by millennial farmers. They have creative ideas to improve agriculture,” Masnun added. (INE)
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