LG installs seven video wall displays to create a digital art experience at Pérez Art Museum Miami – rAVe [PUBS]


Digital artist Marco Brambilla’s digital museum exhibit leverages LG’s cutting-edge display technology and Blackdove’s digital art platform to present a uniquely modern gallery experience.

Art is constantly evolving, evolving with society and culture to reflect the interests, issues and technologies of the times. In the always-connected environment that characterizes modern life, digital screens have largely replaced newspapers, magazines, books, and even physical experiences like shopping or visiting a cinema.

This evolution has now made its way into the realm of fine art, with the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) hosting a digital art exhibit in which guests can experience Marco Brambilla’s Heaven’s Gate, which he describes as a “video monument to Hollywood’s reverence for glamor while telling the story of the world in seven distinct phases.


Brambilla’s highly emotive and fluid portrayal of humanity’s perpetual quest for ultimate fantasy, portrayed through the lens of Hollywood imagery and iconography, is featured in the museum’s Bank of America gallery where the video of seven minutes fascinates visitors on a floor-to-ceiling video wall. consisting of seven state-of-the-art digital displays from LG Business Solutions USA. Working with Blackdove’s Marc Billings, developers of the category-defining digital art platform for residential and commercial use, as well as museums and art galleries, Brambilla leveraged display technology from LG to ensure that every visitor experiences the colors and movement of Heaven’s Gate accurately. wanted by the artist.

“In the same way that an artist’s imagery can inform viewers about the culture and attitudes of the time, the medium through which they create and exhibit their art often reflects available technologies, from rock drawings to stone sculptures. ranging from paintings on canvas and precision techniques to digital displays,” Billings explained. “As digital artworks have grown from a niche pursuit to a major global force in recent years, artists developing algorithmic visuals and video pieces have recognized that this is an art form where the look and viewing experience can change drastically depending on the specific digital. screen used for presentation.

As the creator of Blackdove, Billings was perfectly positioned to help Brambilla choose and source the perfect digital signage solution to showcase Heaven’s Gate. The video artwork is oriented vertically at an approximate 5:1 ratio, giving viewers a literal top-down view of Hollywood’s stylistic evolution. Comprised of seven of LG’s premium 55-inch Full HD digital displays (Model SVM5H) featuring a nearly invisible 0.44mm bezel, the unique Video Wall Canvas appears as a single cohesive screen, allowing viewers to let yourself be carried away by the work of art without glare. , image separation or techno clutter.

“Having used LG display products for previous installations, we knew this exhibit would perform flawlessly with consistent color and clarity,” Billings added. “Blackdove is designed to deliver digital art to any screen, but LG’s unique webOS platform allows us to create uniquely elegant installations. It’s essentially a computer running inside the display that can be loaded with any number of apps or proprietary content, eliminating the need for separate content devices and cabling.


Marco Brambilla is one of the world’s foremost digital artists, and he noted that the technology partners he chose to work with were critical to the success of the final exhibition.

“After a year of preparation, I was thrilled to see Heaven’s Gate at the Pérez Art Museum Miami,” Brambilla said. “The totem display could only be made possible with LG’s ultra thin bezel monitors supplied and powered by Blackdove. The setup looks amazing and I’m very happy to have worked with Marc and the Blackdove team.

The title “Heaven’s Gate” refers to the 1980 Michael Cimino film whose excessive production costs bankrupted United Artists and effectively ended the director’s era as an auteur, paving the way for dominance. of the studio on the medium, which has continued to the present day. daytime. Using spectacle to portray the emptiness of spectacle, Heaven’s Gate features Marshall McLuhan’s famous line, “the medium is the message”. Through this captivating work, Brambilla highlights the sensory overload of today’s compendium of popular culture to engulf the viewer’s senses with an almost impossible to sustain hyper-saturation of imagery.

“Marco’s work is as likely to be shown at the Sundance Film Festival as it is in a major international art museum or on the walls of public spaces,” said PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans. “He constantly probed the film world through video art with versatility, keen to mark the distinctions of both. While his work has always pushed the boundaries of new technology for visually interacting with the screen, his recent work in virtual reality will literally create “new ways of seeing”.

The future

For Billings, Brambilla and Blackdove, the digital exhibition is a groundbreaking event that paves the way for artists and industry to rapidly introduce digital artwork into museum environments. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of digital art in recent years, notably NFTs which allow ownership of one-of-a-kind and unique digital creations, the Heaven’s Gate exhibition explores both the creative potential of the medium and the cultural reception of digital experiences as works of art. .

“The history of art is deeply intertwined with technological advancement, and LG is proud to provide next-generation tools that enable new modes of creative expression,” said Dan Smith, vice president, business development, LG. Business Solutions USA. “Marco Brambilla’s work is a sign of what’s to come, and services like Blackdove are breaking the mold with innovative ways to source and display artwork using LG technologies.”

For museums and artists, this natural evolution towards the presentation of digital media may attract the interest of a new, younger generation of art lovers who have only known a world dominated by screens. As Blackdove expands to support art installations in more museums, galleries, public spaces and private homes, Billings is counting on LG to push the boundaries of technology and deliver incredible displays that enable control. simple content and cutting-edge visual performance.


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