Launch of the NFT digital art gallery in Australia


Tumen Altangadas, “Mongolian CyberPink”.

White Cubeless, an Australian online contemporary art gallery, has launched a curated exhibition of digital art NFTs by professional artists.

White Cubeless is a traditional gallery, in a virtual space, that makes premium digital art available for investment and collection in the form of NFTs.

The platform was built entirely in Australia and runs on an independent backend, to allow White Cubeless to create their own NFTs and write the corresponding smart contracts. Each contract specifies a fixed percentage of the value of the work that the artist must receive with each sale.

The gallery is co-founded by former curator of the Vivid Sydney light program Lucy Keeler, White Cubeless represents renowned artists making their NFT debut, including Archibald Prize winner Wendy Sharpe, former director of the National Art School Bernard Ollis and artist Lucas Film. Tumen Altangadas.

Lucy Keeler, co-founder and chief curator of White Cubeless, said: “Artists have always been on the margins of society, breaking traditions, creating new trends and stimulating new economies.

“The nascent crypto art scene presents an incredible opportunity for contemporary artists to redefine their practice and take control of how they interact with the market.”

Australia has a thriving animation and digital art scene, with world-renowned artists working on exciting projects, such as architectural projections for light festivals, visual effects (VFX) and computer-generated imagery. computer (CGI) for Hollywood movies.

However, until now, these artists had no access to gallery representation and their personal practices were limited by conventional exhibition and dissemination structures.

Keeler explained that digital art is often seen but generally underappreciated and undervalued.

“NFTs are a white unicorn for professional digital artists in particular, who need a platform to help them access the world of potential buyers in cyberspace.

“We created White Cubeless to support and develop established digital artists, traditional studio artists, and talented emerging hybrid artists looking for new avenues of commercialization, beyond the ‘white cube’ gallery.”

Andrew Reeves, Co-Founder and COO of White Cubeless, said, “In line with our philosophy of putting our artists first, it was essential that we invested in building the White Cubeless platform independently.

“Given the widespread misunderstanding of NFTs, control and transparency are key to building trusting relationships with artists and patrons. We are excited to introduce White Cubeless to the world and hope that our approach will serve to legitimize and drive sales of NFT art in the wider art community.

Launch artists include Wendy Sharpe, Bernard Ollis, Tumen Altangadas, Atticus Gough, Celia Fernandez, Alejandra Sieder and Charles Clapshaw.


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