Landscape art meets digital design in the season opening of the CCRI gallery “On Earth”


Rhode Island Community College’s Knight Campus Art Gallery is now hosting its first fall semester exhibition, “On Earth: Paintings & Cross Over Images” by renowned artist Susan Nichter.

The exhibition runs until October 17 and is free and open to the public.

Nichter, a professor at Suffolk University in Boston, teaches studio classes ranging from drawing to installation classes in the college’s Art & Design department. She is also a former professor at Wellesley College and the Rhode Island School of Design. Nichter’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with exhibitions in New England, New York, Canada and Italy.

Among his most notable exhibits are public works projects at the Business Improvement District in downtown Boston and the Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, Massachusetts. She previously taught a study abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2010 and 2012, in addition to seminars in Rome and Milan as a Fulbright Fellow. In the summer, Nichter teaches a landscape painting class on Martha’s Vineyard.

“On Earth: Paintings & Cross Over Images” mixes Nichter’s landscape work with computer design to create fantasy art. The exhibit, she said, “combines mediums that physically could not work together without digital intervention.”

“The landscape paintings are actually a side project, a project that I only do two weeks a year,” Nichter said. “My stories span years and range from the balance between motherhood and career.”

Daniel O’Neill, assistant professor of art and director of the Knight Campus Art Gallery, said the exhibition can be a valuable educational tool for students of various programs, from painting and drawing to digital art and in graphic design.

“We want our students to see examples of professional artists reacting to the same prompts and challenges that we present to them in the classroom,” said O’Neill.

The Knight Campus Art Gallery will host three exhibitions this fall, ending with a student-led exhibition at the end of the semester in which students from all fields of study in the art department – from ceramics to video art – will have the opportunity to exhibit their work.

“A lot of our shows are very interactive,” said O’Neill. “We had videographers who came to work with students from the performing arts department who became actors in the projects they were doing. We try to bring in artists, or groups of artists, whose works can be a source of inspiration for our students.

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