Institute of ICT Professionals to Open Digital Design and Creative Coding Center in Accra


The Institute of ICT Professionals is about to launch the Digital Design and Creative Coding Hub in Accra.
The hub will be open to artists and creators, educators, educational and cultural policy makers, local businesses in the cultural industry from Ghana and around the world, as well as German cultural workers and developers. digital creative tools.
The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana, announced that the digital installation will be launched and open to the public on May 3, 2021, on the 6th floor of Oksart Place, Ring Road Central Accra.
The organization, which is a capacity building organization, brings the Digital Design and Creative Coding Hub to Accra in collaboration with Code it and TinkerToys, their German partners. The hub is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office of the Creative Resources program.
The Ghana Institute of ICT Professionals (IIPGH) aims to equip the public, professionals and students with the skills in emerging technologies needed for entrepreneurship and employment in today’s rapidly changing technological world. hui.

Code it

It is a learning platform where beginners and kids can learn programming quickly and in a fun way.
Code It, teaches basic programming concepts through online courses, live webinars, and other kid-friendly formats.
It is designed for independent learning at home, as well as for use at school, while TinkerToys focuses on teaching children and young people to build in 3D. With the help of its 3D building program, children as young as eight (8) years old can learn to build in 3D.

What is coding?

In the Coding Hub, kids can work with the software to create their utility objects. Not only do children learn skills in creativity, independence and critical thinking, but they also learn technology and 3D printing.
By combining learning and creation, the projects become fun while meeting the requirements of the program.
The best part is that kids can print and marvel at their constructions on the spot. We are delighted that the Coding Hub provides participants with a great addition to their daily school and work life.

Why the digital design and creative coding hub?

The Hub, according to the Institute of ICT Professionals, is designed as an open space for all interested, in which artistic and creative expression can be learned, tested and taught using digital tools.
As there is a great need and interest in digital tools and new technologies in Ghana, both for artistic production and education, as well as for the development of new business models and the opening of new markets, the hub as an exhibition hall aims to encourage artists, educators and multipliers to use innovative digital technologies for creative processes and to demonstrate the possibilities of their use in education.
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