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Indonesian Women’s Parliamentary Group and Huawei support digital technology learning for women’s leadership

Posted on October 5, 2021

Jakarta, Indonesia: The Indonesian Women’s Parliamentary Group (KPP-RI) is working with global ICT provider Huawei, held a digital literacy workshop as part of the digital literacy campaign to empower women legislators ways to play a greater role and contribute to society.

Title Women in Technology: Women’s Leadership in the Digital Age, the list of keynote speakers for the workshop includes Puan Maharani, Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Chief of the National Police; Diah Pitaloka, President President of KPP-RI; and Catherine Chen, senior vice president and director of the board of directors of Huawei. No less than 200 women legislators in DPR, the Regional Board of Directors (DPD) and the Council of Regional Representatives (DPRD) participate in the workshop – online and offline, organized with the strictest health protocols.

Meanwhile, in her welcoming remarks, Puan Maharani, Speaker of Parliament, expressed support for this workshop and its goal of increasing digital literacy for women legislators and helping to strengthen their roles.

“The story that needs to be instilled in people’s minds is how women can become creators in the digital world or become leaders in the digital technology industry, like Catherine Chen (Huawei) and Trisia who are the speakers today. The rapid development of the digital industry during the pandemic has become fertile ground for the wider community, including women, to start a business and digital technology opens the door for our MSMEs to access the classroom and so we are actively participating in the use of digital technology to help improve overall well-being, ”said Puan.

Diah Pitaloka, President of KPP-RI, said there is a need to increase digital literacy for female legislators. In addition, with various activities and lifestyles increasingly relying on digital technologies, legislators must understand the opportunities, challenges and the latest issues of the 4.0 era to be able to come up with solutions to aspirations. Population.

“Understanding and mastering digital technology among women legislators should help increase the effectiveness of programs, socialization actions, as well as communication and interaction with the community, as well as enrich the knowledge of women legislators to resolve critical issues related to cybersecurity and rampant cyberbullying. in the community. This educational activity is strategic to strengthen roles, leadership and skills. For this we involve industry experts such as Huawei and also the Ministry of Communications and Informatics. High appreciation for their support and commitment to helping women legislators develop their skills, ”said Diah.

According to Diah, now is the best momentum for lawmakers to commit to improving their own digital literacy to strengthen their leadership role in this smart, connected era. The election of Puan Maharani as the first female president of the DPR in history, combined with the growing number of female lawmakers, are two factors that coincide with and, at the same time, should reinforce this commitment.

According to Huawei Senior Vice President and Director of the Board, Catherine Chen, Indonesian women’s leadership and efforts for equality and empowerment had started since Kartini’s era of emancipation. She reaffirmed that Huawei will always honor its commitment to support female leadership in the era of digital transformation.

“We believe that more talented women and leaders are needed to create an inclusive digital world that benefits everyone. Today’s program is the first step towards a much broader collaboration with the House, KPP-RI and many other women’s empowerment advocates. This will not only recognize and inspire women’s leadership, but also spur the development of the digital economy, ”Chen said.

In Indonesia, by partnering with government, universities, industry and communities, Huawei actively organizes programs to increase digital literacy for all, including women. These programs are also strongly linked to Huawei’s commitment to prepare 100,000 digital talents within five years. Huawei has successfully developed 45,000 digital talent in Indonesia in just under a year since announcing the engagement.


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