Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology: Hikvision Announces Technology Integration with Irida Labs for Smart Manufacturing and Logistics



Hikvision announces technology integration with Irida Labs for smart manufacturing and logistics

23 December 2021 – Hikvision, a provider of IoT solutions whose main competence is video, announced a new technological partnership with Irida Labs, a provider of vision AI solutions from Europe, to integrate its IP cameras and its HikCentral software into the package PerCV.ai Industry 4.0 from Irida Labs. The integration provides intelligent vision AI solutions for the manufacturing and logistics industries to manage warehouses and factories in real time.

Using the Hikvision Intelligent Security API (ISAPI) protocol and Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) program, the integration allows the PerCV.ai algorithm to run in the Hikvision DeepInView camera series for edge processing. Operators can easily monitor manufacturing and logistics processes using the user interface of the PerCV.ai Industry 4.0 package.

The combination of video, AI and advanced computing enables real-time monitoring of pallets and packages, product inspection, forklift and truck monitoring, detection of protective equipment personal protective equipment (PPE) and monitoring interactions with critical equipment. Real-time analytics powered by AI also provide actionable insights into activities and processes.

“We are delighted to join the Hikvision Technology Partner Program (TPP). Our AI PerCV.ai vision software now supports Hikvision DeepinView cameras and HikCentral software through this program, ”said Vassilis Tsagaris, CEO of Irida Labs. “We would like to thank Hikvision for working closely and supporting our team over the past few months, making this integration a real added value for our clients.”

“The combination of the AI-enabled camera platform and PerCV.ai’s intelligent algorithm really makes a strong and flexible package for users. With solutions like this, personnel security and warehouse processes are taken to a new level, ”added Adler Wu., Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision.

About Irida Labs

Irida Labs powers vision-based AIoT sensors and solutions by bringing Vision AI to the edge. PerCV.ai, our integrated AI vision software optimized for AIoT, uses computer vision and deep learning, transforming boundaries into real world vision applications and helping businesses around the world develop scalable solutions vision-based. Drawing on over 10 years of expertise in AI, HW and SW embedded computer vision, vision system design and optics, Irida Labs utilizes the USPTO’s cutting edge patented technology in vision embedded and ML to provide support throughout the Vision-AI product lifecycle.



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