Global digital art patron Pablo Fraile buys pieces of the latest creation from the UAE’s premier NFT artist


Dubai: Securing the Coins of Amrita Sethithe collection MetaREVERSED”, Fraile recognizes this artists process and complex layering of physical, digital and augmented reality with its new Metaverse alphabet called The AlphaBYTEs.

Fraile said of his purchase: This is one of my favorite projects so far. So comprehensive, so thoughtful and well executed. This project was not born from a night of creativity but rather from a long time of reflection combined with a tremendous creativity! I love that”

Fraile is at the forefront of a new class of patron of digital art. As a cryptocurrency investor and avid collector of NFTs, his cryptoart collection now contains over 3,000 NFTs, including over 40 works by Beeple – one he sold for $6.6 million, 100 works by Pak (about half are 1 in 1), over 100 works by Refik Anadol and now 12 NFTS from Amrita Sethi’s latest collection.

Amrita created one of the worldsThe first physically split augmented reality NFT sculptures showcase many creative aspects of what an NFT can do to merge the physical, digital, and metaverse worlds. MetaREVERSED”, Sethithe latest creation is a 3D physical metal sculpture, which is split into 145 physical pieces that come with the NFTs and have an augmented reality that decodes the word of Amritas language in English.

With this artwork, Sethi layered aluminum slices to form the peaks and troughs of the word’s sound wave and each letter has different rarity properties. You can also see the sculpture in the Metaverse in Decentralizedas well as wearing an augmented reality hoodie.

To add the final utility, the owners of the NFTs will be members of Amritas next home of NFT art in the physical world and the metaverse. Membership includes early access to future work.

Fusing sound, art and storytelling, Sethi has established herself in the NFT space in 2020 with her own art form called SoundBYTEs. She has now created her own coded Web 3.0 language that corresponds to the letters of the alphabet. This is then combined with his SoundBYTEs to create The AlphaBYTEs, a pun also used in the NFT space.

I believe that technology is now another tool for the modern artist and access to hybrid reality is where the future of creativity lies. Being able to create alternate dimensions through technology: art is no longer just a flat 2D experience but a multi-dimensional, all-encompassing multi-sensory creative experience”

Always pushing the boundaries on ambitious projects that merge the physical and digital worlds, Amrita recently painted one ofthe largest NFT augmented reality mural at the DIFC innovation center in Dubai.

The public sale of Amritaher first collection in AlphaBYTESthe series will drop on March 29, 2 days after the private sale. The reveal of the NFT that each collector has obtained will take place on March 31.

The public whitelist for this collection is already closed; however, there are more projects in the works for her fans.

She adds, I try to make my art an experience because I want people to accompany the journey and show them that it’s a revolution, so it’s time to get out of the public and into the arena. Welcome to a new world where the only limit is your imagination”


About Amrita Sethi (Art by Amrita)

After a successful career spanning over 15 years at some of the world’s largest multinational financial corporations, Amrita left the corporate world for a deeper calling, leading to the creation of a new multimedia art form called SoundBYTEs. (vs). From the SoundBYTE, Amrita then breaks the work down into smaller SoundBITs collections. SoundBYTE merges sound, technology and storytelling with NFTs, providing Amrita with an ideal platform to showcase its dynamic art form. The unique idea led to her being recognized and covered by Forbes, CNN, BBC World, CNBC, Bloomberg, CoinMarketCap, winning awards, being selected for Expo 2020 and creating live activations and installations using augmented reality in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. .


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