Fashion students use digital techniques to design the slippers of the future



Fashion design students at the University of South Wales (USW) worked with Welsh shoe brand Bedroom Athletics to launch the very first pair of digital slippers.

Aiming to help customers better understand the construction and materials used in the design and manufacture of their products, Bedroom Athletics collaborated with students to create four key styles, using the innovative Clo3d design platform.

The students worked with technical specifications and images provided by the company for the designs, which will be used to further improve digital techniques in the design and fit of its products.

Fashion Design final year student Carys Ward was one of the creators of the project and helped create the ‘Kate’ slipper using Clo3d.

She said: “Working with Bedroom Athletics has been a great experience. Recreating Harris Tweed with fur textures on Clo3d was thrilling! It was fascinating progress to see the project come to life. The goal was to make the slipper as realistic as possible using digital fashion.

“This project provided insight into how the fashion industry is constantly evolving and adapting to digital technology. Digital fashion is the future of the fashion industry; as technology becomes more and more advanced, it allows us to push the boundaries of fashion and push them to create new and exciting pieces. This approach could help us solve the waste and consumption problem associated with fast fashion, and I look forward to using this sustainable approach within the fashion industry.

Steven Wright, USW Academic Fashion Manager, added, “Our lives are becoming more and more digital and fashion is no different. The rise of digital fashion as a genre has been accelerated due to global lockdowns over the past two years.

“The collections are now designed and presented on fully digital platforms. It’s our role as a university to make sure we’re on the cutting edge. This project gave our students a rare opportunity to work with a leading brand to develop something never seen before. We are proud of our students and our involvement.

Howard Wetter, Managing Director of Bedroom Athletics, said: “Digital clothing and the expression of fashion through digital technology have become increasingly popular as we have all been forced to spend more time in to shop online.

“We wanted to see how our products could be made digitally, especially as a key factor for our customers when purchasing our shoes is what they are made of and how they are made. It’s all about comfort and having the right products by your skin and supporting your feet.

“It’s important to have accurate images to show products when you can’t see and feel the reality and we hope that by providing digital versions as well, we can help even more of our customers make informed choices when of their online purchases. “



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