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In Rwanda, digital art, also known as illustration, has experienced a boom in recent years. This can be attributed to the increase in players, talent and creativity in this industry.

By definition, digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the process of creation or presentation. In digital art, artists use different electronic devices, such as computers and other software, to create a meaningful finished design.

Digital art always comes in two forms including digital painting which could be considered the essence of what digital art is at the moment, it also sometimes includes illustrations. Computer graphics is the digital art form that includes two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) computer images and animations.

Benjamin Tuyishime, a Kigali-based concept artist, explains that the main reason for the rise of digital art in Rwanda is the growing number of artistically talented young people, who are also tech enthusiasts who have emerged in the digital art industry. digital art last year.

“As artists we have to be creative in all aspects. I have personally joined digital arts for the love I have for digital drawing, but besides that there are a large number of traditional artists. And I thought maybe if I could do something different it would pay off, ”he says.

Yves Iradukunda, a two-dimensional artist based in Kigali, says the rise of digital art is largely in response to many young talents graduating from Nyundo School of Arts and Music, which he says contributed a lot.

“The digital system that children learn opens their eyes and makes them think about new ways of producing their works. As such, traditional art no longer sells well, ”he says.

“Another reason digital art is on the rise is that it has many advantages over traditional art. It does not require more materials like traditional art which requires paints, brushes, canvases and other different materials for one piece. With digital art, you will be using all of them with one machine, ”he adds.

It also saves time, continues Iradukunda, traditional art scenes take a lot of time, especially when you want to make copies of your work, whereas in digital art it is simple to make a piece itself and even to make copies.

Iradukunda further explains that digital art is on the rise due to the rapidly changing world. “As artists in this industry, we are the ones who need to educate people. The pandemic has made it clear that technology is an important tool, especially when it comes to the creative arts industry. This is how I encourage young talents to join the digital art industry. It’s simple and easy to learn. It is also growing day by day, ”he emphasizes.

According to Robert Muhire, a visual artist based in Kigali, the digital art industry has boomed due to the use of technical materials now easier to find and learn in their textbooks, which was not the case. case a few years. since.

“Among the reasons digital art is on the rise, it’s easy to learn. It doesn’t require you to go to school, you can learn through YouTube videos. In digital art there are a lot of advantages, for example it is easier to correct colors and blend them, but difficult with traditional art. That’s why many artists prefer digital art to traditional art, ”he says.

However, Tuyishime points out that while digital art is on the rise, there is still a long way to go. He says there is still a long way to go for the digital art scene to continue to grow.

“A lot of people still don’t appreciate digital art as much as traditional art. We still need to raise awareness because many people still don’t know how digital art works, and with that, there are still stereotypes that digital art is only for the lazy and therefore does not deserve the same pay as works of art. ‘traditional art,’ he said. said.

Iradukunda also shares that artists benefit from digital art as they make a living from it, adding that there is hope that the digital art industry will continue to improve over time.

“When you see talent graduating from Nyundo School of Arts and Music, there is hope that the digital art scene will continue to grow in the future,” he says.

Tuyishime says most digital artwork is used in children’s books, for advertising, educational aid, and many other purposes. Adding that this is the main reason why he sees digital art as an important tool for the creative industry, while looking forward to its continued growth in the future.

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