Exclusive Digital Art Revelation in the Gulf Region


On June 25-26, Gulf News is hosting Web3 DeCode, a two-day blockchain, Web3 and metaverse-focused expo at the Grand Hyatt Dubai. As a community partner, arte would like to announce that VOICE GEMS, a human voice digitization initiative, can be whitelisted exclusively at the event.

Voice Gems is an ingenious collaborative venture between new media artist Reeps100 (Harry Yeff) and beatboxer Trung Bao. The culmination of 10 years of research, development and lifelong collaborations with the world’s leading voice artists, scholars, technologists, engineers and technicians. The ground-breaking project sculpts and preserves voices as digital gems and physical sculptures. The colors and structure of the gemstones are generated in real time from voice data and gifted recordings. All Voice Gems are based on similar influential and critically endangered voices and exist as NFT, print, 3D print, digital video, large scale projection and molded sculpture. The visually stunning artwork is backed by blockchain and will inspire dialogues about value, fine art and humanity using new media.

The 7th Portal is an American animated web series produced by Stan Lee in 1999. It was the world’s first cybernetic superhero team produced by Stan Lee. The main content of the series is an Internet-based adventure in which six characters from around the world who have obtained their superpowers in cyberspace are drawn into the Etaverse and must fight super-villains on the Web.

Snowcash is a web3 circle that includes a traveling exhibit that explores the history of digital art, NFTs, and the metaverse. All Voice Gems holders are automatically whitelisted for future Snowcash NFT releases and will be able to experience the exploration through a series of exhibitions, events with affiliated artists, architects and designers.

The Gulf News Web3 DeCode event will be the first to showcase this unique sample of the human voice, technology and performance of Voice Gems in the region. Web3 DeCode is the only opportunity for interested parties to whitelist Voice Gem artwork and discover vibrant and remarkable artwork that transcends the physical and virtual art space.


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