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what BMW to do at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 that has had all the technical managers talking so far? Well, they launched a new digital art mode. Starting this year, BMW models scheduled for release will feature this amazing digital art mode.

CES is a convention for technical managers and others passionate about the latest technology trends. So, it is the perfect platform to launch such an amazing feature.

In Las Vegas, the host city of CES 2022, BMW said the digital art mode will appear in the iX M60, an electric vehicle (EV). Although the iX M60 debuts in 2023, almost everyone is eager to encounter this unique artistic expression now.

Now, let’s walk through this digital art mode, the implication for future BMW models, in particular the iX M60.

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A Chronicle of BMW’s Art Cars

An image of the BMW digital art mode.
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While the buzz is about a “digital” art mode and a soon-to-be-released iX M60, we can’t ignore the history of art cars before it. The BMW Art Car Collection contains cars that display only the finest artistic expressions. For artists, it’s a way to connect the independent worlds of automotive and art.

In 1975, American artist Alexander Calder listened to Hervé Poulain, French racing driver and auctioneer, and painted a BMW racing car. This action is today identified as the beginning of the BMW Art Car movement. After Calder, New York-based artist Frank Stella followed suit and painted a BMW car using his signature grille style.

Since Calder and Stella, dozens of brilliant artists have applied their unique artistic styles to different BMW cars. In 1991, Nbebele art by South African artist Esther Mahlangu gave the 525i a “slightly formal, yet stately look”. More recently, Chinese artist Cao Fei’s work on the M6 ​​GT3 is the German manufacturer’s pioneering digital art car.

Understanding BMW’s Digital Art Mode

BMW Digital Art Fashion
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Now, let’s interpret BMW’s latest innovation and see how it will revolutionize the car user experience. We can tell you that Digital Art Mode is a new offering from BMW’s existing My Mode system. The idea is to complement the vehicle’s capabilities with an exceptional interior layout.

Although innovation seems to be the main reason why BMW introduced this model, there is another underlying objective. The announcement and eventual release of Digital Art Mode will mark 50 years of the BMW Group’s cultural commitment. For many years, it has partnered with several artists to decorate the exterior of its cars with rich art. Now art enters the car.

In addition to offering a different take on art, the new mode allows drivers to customize their preferred driving experience. This means they can modify functions such as mood lighting, steering and drive control to suit their current needs. They also have the ability to customize features such as the BMW Curved Screen color scheme and graphics.

The Mastermind Behind BMW’s Digital Art Mode

BMW Digital Art Fashion
via bmw.com

Do you remember Cao Fei, the Chinese artist whose elegant art makes the M6 ​​GT3 fascinating to look at? Well, the artist’s tendency to create desirable art combined with BMW Group Design has resulted in this lovely art mode. Just as Fei’s 2017 digital art design was the BMW art car collection first entry, the installation of digital art in a vehicle is another first for BMW.

Fei’s work that gave birth to the digital art mode is known as “Quantum Garden”. According to Fei, the job offers the driver a rich opportunity to witness ever-improving digital landscapes. For her, the work is: “a poetic collection of universes, countless atoms, nebulae and thousands of fast-moving beams of light from the depths of the universe”.

What does the iX M60 look like?

A photo of the BMW iX M60.
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Besides being BMW’s digital art mode flagship vehicle, the iX M60 is an extraordinary electric vehicle that deserves attention. So, let’s go, okay? For starters, BMW built it to be the performance edition of the iX sport utility vehicle.

In Sport mode, it gives you a modest 532 hp and 749 lb-ft of torque. Usually, it boasts of a whopping 610 hp and 812 lb-ft of torque. The iX M60 is a twin-motor, all-wheel-drive (AWD) force.

For the interior design, it will have the current iDrive display powered by the BMW 8 operating system. You will get the chance to enjoy features like over-the-air updates and augmented reality video.

Regarding the shape of the steering wheel, do not expect the typical roundness. We can confirm that the steering wheel most likely looks like a hexagon. Also, the bottom is flatter than usual.

The “M” in BMW’s iX M60 stands for “Motorsport” and has been around since May 1972. The marque will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, an occasion that makes this version even more special. Regarding the battery, the vehicle has a giant battery of 111.5 kWh plus a usable battery of 106.3 kWh. This battery size trumps close competitors like Tesla Models (100 kWh) and the Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan (107.8 kWh).

The iX M60 should be with us in June this year. Since it debuts with a majestic digital art mode and a giant battery, don’t expect to buy it on the cheap. It will sell upwards of $106,095, so be prepared.

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