Disney Eyes digital technology enhances storytelling


Speaking to Reuters at the D23 Expo fan conference, Chapek said: “Disney is absolutely a lifestyle. The question is how our next-gen storytelling uses what we know from a guest in this Disney lifestyle and then offer unique experiences?”

With a vision to provide more experiences and content to people who rarely or never go to theme parks, and the tangible things the company has to offer, Disney hired media and technology expert Mike White to lead the new guide to the next generation of storytelling. and customer experiences.

The rush to improve the concept of the Metaverse has similarities to the Space Race, when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his company’s name change and said the focus was on creating and providing a 3D world where individuals’ digital avatars could do so, experience next-gen elements, and ultimately live more of their lives in the digital world.

One area that Disney says could have some impact and success is augmented reality movies, one of which will be featured as such this month on Disney+. Arfa Khatri, a Los Angeles-based professional digital creator and founder of Arfa Shoots Inc. sees several opportunities and new areas opening up in her industry with the advent of more technological growth and the announcement of Disney.

“One of the challenges I faced was discovering my creative style and not knowing where to start. When I discovered my creative style, I learned that the best way to learn is to just do something. Everyone has their own view of creativity, art has no rules, there are many sources of creative knowledge, but the best way to learn and grow is to put yourself forward and to actively do so.” I think that’s also true as the metaverse grows and brands seek out different types of activations and content to stand out.”

“In addition to photography and videography, I offer full production services to the brands I work with, including quality editing, lighting, drone work, and even sound design. exciting to see what additional opportunities there will be to add this in the near future,” she said.

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  • Disney Eyes digital technology enhances storytelling
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