Digital Technology Supercluster Announces Investment to Increase Efficiency in Precision Oncology


Harnessing artificial intelligence to take the guesswork out of diagnosing cancer recurrence for millions of cancer survivors

VANCOUVER, BC, April 21, 2022 /CNW/ – Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is excited to invest in artificial intelligence and technology innovation that will advance personalized cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes. Led by Imagia Canexia Health, in partnership with BC Cancer Research, DNAstack, Microsoft, Queen’s University and the University Health Network, the CanDETECT project is developing precision oncology software that will monitor cancer cure and recurrence in millions of cancer survivors in Canada.

“Digital innovations in healthcare can have a significant positive impact for cancer patients and their families,” said the Honorable François-Philip Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “By detecting relapses or treatment resistance early, the CanDETECT project can help improve patient outcomes, reduce backlogs in cancer care and build resilience through from Canada health systems. This is another example of how the Digital Technology Supercluster and Digital Innovation can help Canadians and their families in these very difficult times. »

Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada, and according to the Canadian Cancer Society, nearly half of Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Recovery for cancer patients and survivors depends on close monitoring of response to treatment and early detection of recurrences. However, current approaches are largely ad hoc, expensive, and have a low success rate, providing generic data on the presence of cancer without any specific therapeutic guidance. The current “one size fits all” approach limits the chances of effective treatment and survival.

“The AI-based oncology software being developed and tested under the CanDETECT project will enable clinicians to perform real-time assessment of tumor status, detect early signs of relapse of the patient and recommend alternative treatment options, thereby ensuring the best possible outcome faster, more accurately and at lower cost than current solutions,” said Geralyn Ochab, CEO of Imagia Canexia Health. “This ‘Made in Canada‘ will transform cancer care for Canadians. »

The AI-based oncology software will identify and predict the best targeted therapies and/or clinical trials available for cancer patients throughout their treatment and analyze and track how each patient responds to treatment over time. time. The consortium will also leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to better predict patient response to targeted therapy by integrating and analyzing multimodal patient data.

“The ability to dynamically monitor cancer recurrence means we can offer patients personalized treatment that responds to the changing biology of their cancer,” said Bill Tam, COO of the Digital Technologies Supercluster. “We are extremely proud of the groundbreaking research and development that is happening between Imagia Canexia Health, BC Cancer Research, DNAstack, Microsoft, Queen’s University and the University Health Network. Together, we are accelerating progress against cancer and improving survival outcomes for all Canadians.

The CanDETECT project has a total investment of $17.8 millionwith $12.5 million invested by industry and $5.3 million co-invested through the supercluster technology leadership program. Other supporting partners involved in this project include Illumina, Kingston Institute for General Health Research and Kingston Health Sciences Centre. You can find more information about CanDETECT here.

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