Digital technology is key to reducing emissions: President of Huawei



Beijing, Sep 23 (EFE) .- Huawei Chairman Eric Xu said on Thursday that digital technology is essential for reducing carbon emissions in all industrial sectors, adding that the pandemic has dramatically accelerated digital transformation.

In his opening speech at the annual “Huawei Connect 2021” forum, Xu said that the Chinese tech giant’s “first priority” is “to continue to innovate in digital technology to support the reduction of carbon emissions.”

He said they would invest in energy efficient innovations to develop “more energy efficient products” for the digital information technology industry.

They will also innovate where “electronic devices and digital technology converge” to promote “clean energy” and the digitization of traditional energy.

He said he created a subsidiary called Huawei Energía Digital to “converge information and energy flows for an energy revolution towards a greener future”.

Xu said artificial intelligence is “growing faster than ever” and that helping industries go digital is a “core aspect” of the company’s mission.

The key digital technologies in this regard for the company, he said, are cloud-based artificial intelligence and industrial networks.

Xu said Huawei Cloud, the company’s cloud platform, has brought together more than 2.3 million developers as well as 6,000 technology partners and currently offers 4,500 services.

“It has become an important platform for internet companies, traditional businesses and governments to digitize their organizations,” he said.

Huawei Cloud, along with its partners, provides services to 27 regions in more than 170 countries around the world, he said, adding that “this is just the beginning.”

He also said that they were working in “autonomous driving networks” and said that in the future “industrial networks will be like self-driving cars”, so that “they will be able to operate automatically and maintain themselves without intervention. manual “.

Held online this year, “Huawei Connect” is the Chinese company’s leading digital technology forum and brings together international experts and industry representatives around the so-called digital transformation. EFE

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