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Spotify, a music streaming service provider, launched a self-service advertising platform, Ad Studio, in Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
The innovative advertising medium was made available to even more artists around the world.
Christopher Li, director of planning and digital products at Live Nation and Spotify Ad Studio, revealed in a statement on Wednesday.
Li said that Ad Studio is a tool on the Spotify platform that makes it easy for artists, brands and businesses to serve audio and video ads.
He said advertisers can create a campaign in minutes, and the platform offers flexibility and control to set up and manage campaigns in real time.
“Haven’t you ever done an audio commercial?” Spotify makes it easy for you, you can create a personalized audio ad for free, right in Ad Studio, in as little as 24 hours, ”he said.
Li said Spotify has already launched Ad Studio in other markets, including America and Europe, and looks forward to the impact this will have on emerging markets like sub-Saharan Africa, where audio streaming is. rising.
He noted that in order to advertise with this tool, advertisers had to spend a minimum of N 100,000.
According to him, Ad Studio provides advertisers with free audio creation tools, including background music mixing, voiceovers, audience targeting and real-time reporting.
Reaching Audiences with Spotify Ad Studio is efficient and easy, you can choose to target listeners by gender, interests and background.
“It only takes us a few minutes to create a campaign, and the free voiceover service also saves a lot of effort,” he said.
As a global leader in audio streaming, Spotify delivers music and podcasts to nearly 365 million users in 184 markets, on hundreds of devices.
That’s where the young are – and where the young go, marketers follow, 71% of free Spotify listeners are under 35, and the median age of podcast listeners is 27.
In Nigeria alone, over 100 million citizens are active Internet users. Of that number, 57.9% use music apps, up from 54% last year.
The median age in this market is 18, which means the majority of smartphone users are Gen Z.
Similar to Ghana and Kenya, the Gen Z market is growing and many young people are streaming audio.
The launch of Ad Studio is another way Spotify is paving the way for audio innovation globally and providing advertisers with the opportunity to grow their audiences in these emerging markets.



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