Digital Health Unplugged: UX in Digital Design


The latest Digital Health Unplugged is now live – this time it explores the importance of user experience when designing digital health tools.

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust employed four design teams to examine how the technology is used and received by the end user.

The goal is to ensure that all digital health tools deployed in the trust are easy to use and deliver what the end user, whether clinicians or patients, actually needs.

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  • Helen Potter, Head of Trail and EPR Development, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Nitesh Bali, Digital Clinical Pathways Product Manager, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Potter and Bali explain the process of building design teams, the work they undertake, and the teams’ future goals.

And, of course, there’s a discussion of the successes of the design teams, including saving nurses’ time five weeks a year using technology solutions.

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