Digital designer duo Pınar & Viola arrive at IKEA


Pınar & Viola, consisting of Pınar Demirdağ and Viola Renate, redefine the concept of digital printing, creating epic images that have been used in a variety of media, from Adidas posters to Seranit porcelain and are now featured on a number of products in IKEA stores. new collection in limited edition Stunsig.

Pınar Demirdağ and Viola Renate

The Stunsig collection is one of IKEA’s latest innovations, in which they invited six teams of designers and artists to create a collection of prints, which will then be applied to a variety of everyday items such as duvet covers, boxes and china and Pınar & Viola are one of them.

IKEA’s new limited collection line presents the perfect synergy for Pınar & Viola, whose work they call “image couture”. In other words, they painstakingly craft and create digital images that are very stylish, colorful, innovative and absolutely breathtaking. What they create in their works are alternative universes that take the viewer away from the expected by introducing a whole new way of conceptualizing prints.

As Pinar DemirdaÄŸ, the Turkish half of Pınar and Viola, told me when I asked them what their mission was in making these engravings. “In short, to make the world a better place. We recognize that the images, visuals and impressions that surround us can be a very effective way to convince people of positive change. Thus, we use the power and charm of images and our future – forecasting radars to make socio-cultural issues attractive.

IKEA asked Pınar & Viola to create prints that would attract, inspire and surprise people around the world. They wanted prints that would make them dream. In response, Pınar & Viola have created a collection which they describe as “an invitation to embrace the other, the stranger, the unknown and the extraterrestrial and simultaneously celebrate the similarities and differences. Our IKEA prints are spaces for differences, existing side by side. in visual landscapes, “said Pınar, explaining:” We have created four different landscapes where different creatures live, from folk to romantic to surreal. Themes of forest creatures, gentle alien, birds and bees are embodied in four different worlds. and Gaudi’s giraffe. ”IKEA has used the collection on a variety of products, from bed sheets to notebooks, t-shirts to porcelain sets and boxes to rugs, Pınar explains, in their limited collection available in June 2017.

Pınar & Viola are an eclectic digital design duo consisting of Pınar DemirdaÄŸ and Viola Renate. While Viola is from Holland, Pınar is from Istanbul; However, she was born in Montreal, Canada. With a design degree and a master’s degree in graphic design, her studies took her to Amsterdam for her second master’s degree, where she and Viola created their brand before moving to Paris.

“Then somehow I started to believe that I could make the world a better place by using the power and charm of pictures and graphics. Because I realized that criticism of the mainstream is important but it’s a terrible tool if you want to create change. If you want to get people’s attention, you have to use charm and mystery where they have to go to an effort to get you. So, I decided to study various sign languages, symbols, master visual languages ​​and subliminal visual conviction techniques in order to create new icons and idols to enter the minds of contemporaries ”, explains Pınar.

Now she is part of Pınar and Viola, who have developed a unique working method which is to launch image and print collections every year, in the same way that fashion designers have clothing collections on the ‘future of clothing “, we are launching collections on the future of prints while taking into account future trends and desires,” Pınar said. Also similar to the fashion industry, is their concept of “Image Couture” Sewing, which Pınar describes as the art of creating finely crafted products, coupled with the concept of creating an image, is what lies behind their work, which they also describe in a 2015 TedX Reset talk on the “Need to invent your own specialty”.

“Our career as an artist using print as a medium has also evolved thanks to the partnerships with the brands that we have forged. Leaders in their field of expertise have mandated us to lead an image innovation in their sector, or to revamp their traditional visuals. For example, Adidas headquarters commissioned us to make contemporary sports posters while rejuvenating their archives, “Pınar shares, adding” Seranit asked us to make an artistic industrial porcelain of 72 pieces, a first in the porcelain industry and we lived on top of a snow covered mountain for three months. And of course the latest one, IKEA hired us to embellish their items with our contemporary artwork. ” You can view their line online at

While their next line will be released in December, their latest collection, which you can check out on their website is called Healing Prints, a collection of contemporary signs and symbols for ecology and peace. “We have studied different healing techniques and positive and attractive images to make people want to self-heal. These prints include: Healing through Silence, Healing Capitalism, The Coral Gardener in Bali, The Club from the heart of Paris, the emancipation of flowers. “


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