Digital design work has Anna on the go during lockdown


Owner of GoAnna and Creative Director Anna Brensell.


Owner of GoAnna and Creative Director Anna Brensell.

Businesses converting online or adding an e-commerce option to existing websites are no longer the exception but have become the rule, according to a digital communications specialist.

Anna Brensell, Owner and Creative Director of Timaru-based GoAnna, said Thing people are increasingly accepting the internet as a form of communication, and the lockdown induced by Covid-19 has prompted small businesses to take inspiration from it.

Brensell has over 18 years of experience providing targeted business solutions, and said more and more people are considering going digital to give their businesses a better chance at survival.

“We had a client in the hospitality industry who wanted to go online for online orders and things like that and was considering e-commerce and adding it to their existing website. “

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“We are working with another web development company, not based in Timaru, which is very busy.”

Brensell named his business after “what people yelled at me for so many years playing hockey,” and includes Wilson the dog as his “barketing” manager among GoAnna’s six “really dedicated” employees.

The company’s clients range from small start-ups to large manufacturing companies.

“The key to our success is the value we place on relationships. Whether with our client or between our client and his client, our goal is always the same: clear and direct communication.

“We have a very strong customer base. A number of our existing and former customers have contacted us. We’ve been pretty busy anyway, so accepting new clients is not an option for us at the moment. “

One project Brenssell enjoyed working on during the lockdown was to launch an online stockyard in less than a week for Timaru cattle broker Peter Walsh and Associates to help them sell cattle.

“We had to build (the website) quickly and in incredible haste.

“What was exciting about this site is that they have a customer in the Chatham Islands who in the past would only call after the auction and tell him what he basically received. .

“Now their customers are really enjoying the process because now these guys can go online to the Chatham Islands and watch their stock sell.

“You find in digital that as soon as someone is in a web environment, it unlocks benefits that people haven’t seen before.”

She warned companies to be wary during this time, as she was aware of at least two companies that had their websites hacked “because people have a lot more free time right now.”

“People need to be more diligent about their security, updating their passwords and making sure they have SSL certificates attached to their servers and websites.

“We ran into a customer who had been hacked and had to hastily fix their website. We know of another site that was also hacked on Wednesday.”


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