DeviantArt Steps Up Campaign Against Digital Art Theft; Bares 2022 deviance protection plan



  • Digital art theft has become a serious problem for artists
  • Art Thieves Steal Artworks And Hit Them Like NFT
  • DeviantArt, is by far the only company to offer protection to artists against impostors and thieves.

DeviantArt, the largest social network for artists and art lovers, is stepping up its anti-digital art theft campaign and revealing its plans for the coming year to further protect the Deviant.

According to DeviantArt, this will improve the DeviantArt Protect service in 2022 by reducing the time it takes to detect digital art theft, digitizing more blockchains and forging partnerships with external markets to improve the process for reporting cases of digital art. art theft.

Before the rollout of this new service, the company launched an additional layer of the DeviantArt Protect service a few days ago to combat art theft bots. It also adds better blocking and monitoring mechanisms. On top of that, there is an extra layer of protection to prevent malicious bots from copying arts and hitting them like NFT.

“CryptoAmulets” is the latest venture to chase the NFT art craze, with founder Ekkaphong Khemthong sensing an opportunity in Thailand’s widespread practice of collecting talismans blessed by revered monks Photo: COURTESY OF EKKAPHONG KHEMTHONG / Daye CHAN

The unexpected explosion in the non-fungible token (NFT) market has attracted interest not only from various industry leaders, but also from malicious actors, all eager to get a piece of the pie. As a result, many artists and content creators, who have shared and published their work on various web platforms, have fallen victim to thieves and impostors who steal works of art and edit them like NFT.

With digital art theft rampant across various web platforms, DeviantArt is so far the only company to have deployed technology using artificial intelligence (AI) to track people selling stolen art. The company also revealed that it will launch other measures soon.

“We are proud of the progress DeviantArt has made in helping artists overcome some of the challenges they face online today,” Moti Levy, COO of DeviantArt told International Business Times.

“With DeviantArt Protect NFT, we analyze the NFT markets for potential artistic infringements of the collections of registered users of DeviantArt.”

Since the project began in July, DeviantArt has scanned 3.7 million NFT images per week and sent over 50,000 alerts regarding possible counterfeit art on stricken NFT.

Apart from this, the company also encourages other web platforms to collaborate with them and integrate the DeviantArt Protect service.

The executive believes DeviantArt couldn’t win the fight against digital art theft on its own. “As the only platform with digital art protection capabilities, we call on all web platforms serving artists and creators to join us and integrate with the DeviantArt Protect NFT service”, a- he declared.

“We aim to extend our protection to all platform creators used on the web. As Web3 grows in popularity, web platforms must evolve into integrated cross-platform services so that we can work together to better meet the evolving needs and challenges of our communities. online, ”noted the COO.

The integration will add a layer of protection across different platforms, especially those that serve creators and artists. It will also speed up the process of scanning NFT images on web platforms.


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