CS4HS Open to More Digital Technology Educators in 2022


The Covid omicron outbreak has proven to be a blessing in disguise for the 2022 CS4HS Workshop, which is taking place online on Thursday February 10, as it will now be able to accommodate even more teachers from across New Zealand.

CS4HS – now known as the Google Educator Conference – offers free professional development workshops exploring computer science for elementary and secondary school teachers.

The event, organized by AUT, is extremely popular with teachers of digital technology in primary and secondary education and provides a valuable venue for professional development, networking and skill sharing.

Keynote speaker Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh, who has been running CS4HS events in Aotearoa, New Zealand for 10 years, says the covid pandemic has proven to all of us how crucial technology is in our lives.

“We all rely on technology more than ever before, to connect with family and friends, to do our work, to make purchases and of course to keep up with the evolution of the pandemic. There is no doubt that technology is an extremely important part of all of our lives, and our high school computer science teachers are the face of the coal, capturing students’ interest and encouraging them to pursue computer studies.

“CS4HS has always been extremely popular with these teachers – so much so that we are still selling out – so this year we are holding the session online. This not only allows us to protect everyone from Omicron, but also to expand this valuable professional development opportunity to even more people. I encourage anyone interested in computing and teaching to apply.

CS4HS 2022 includes a range of hands-on workshops that will provide teachers with lesson plans and activities they can put into practice immediately in the classroom.

Key sessions include:

Keynote with Professor Welby Ings: Unexpected Horizons: How Covid Paints a Better World

Agile is eating the world – Lecturer Dr. Jim Buchan leads this interactive workshop on Agile principles and how they can influence classroom learning and teaching

Hacking, Cracking, Sniffing & Snorting: Cybersecurity and Forensics in the digital age – a hands-on cybersecurity and digital forensics skills workshop with senior lecturer Dr Alastair Nisbet

Making AI accessible and fun with Google Teachable Machine – Isuru Fernando will cover the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Online registrations are open now and will close by February 8.

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