Cruise Line Launches Its Own Line of NFT Digital Art Tokens in Voyages First


The works of art from the Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva ships have been transformed into the world’s first Cruise Line NFTs. Photo / Provided

A major cruise line has announced its own line of NFTs.

Cruise-goers worried they may have missed the boat on the cryptocurrency craze can rest easy, as the Norwegian Cruise Line has announced its entry into non-fungible art.

Avoiding speculation on bubbles and financial fads – the cruise line feels remarkably enthusiastic about a nautical NFT. They teamed up with Italian digital artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as “Peeta”, to create a series of six pieces. They will be auctioning the unique digital artworks next week, some of which have interesting benefits.

“We are thrilled to partner with Peeta for this first for our brand and for the industry,” said Harry Sommer, President and CEO of NCL. “Peeta is a talented artist who has brought the magic and beauty of the ocean to our ships”,

Peeta also designed unique artwork on the hull of the new ship the Prima and her sister ship Viva, alongside the six digital pieces.

Prima: The first Cruise Ship NFT artwork to be auctioned next week in Miami.  Photo / Provided
Prima: The first Cruise Ship NFT artwork to be auctioned next week in Miami. Photo / Provided

The first of the coins has a starting price of $2,500, with the remaining NFTs being sold at a tenth of the price. In addition to owning the first NFT ordered by Cruise Line, the holder will be awarded a balcony stateroom on one of Norwegian Prima’s maiden voyages to the United States, when it departs the Port Miami terminal later this year. .

For those concerned that Norwegian may have “jumped the shark” by pursuing a Cruise-related crypto, this is not unprecedented.

Last year, a Venetian luxury hotel, the Ca’ di Dio, sold an NFT which gave the right to an Italian-style overnight stay, with private catering and access to all areas. More recently, a Bali-based resort uses NFTs to raise funds in exchange for shares in an Indonesian island resort. Although developer Thomas Despin

says Skift

that he had to quickly rethink the rights of NFT holders, after realizing “for an island, it’s not very smart to send 5,000 people there”.

Italian digital artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as
Italian digital artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as “Peeta”, designed the Nautical NFTs. Photo / Provided

“Blockchain” and “fungible” aren’t words easily associated with cruise vacations, but Norwegian says that could change.

Their resistance to counterfeiting and ability to present themselves as digital contracts or service vouchers has led some digital evangelists to say they have a bigger role to play in travel.

However, their popularity and relative newness means that cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been linked to scams and many other companies have decided to avoid the fad.

However, Norwegian is ahead of the idea of ​​NFTs, calling it a first for the cruise industry.

“We strive to embrace the most advanced technology at Norwegian Cruise Line and firmly believe that providing our customers with the ability to own digital assets that connect them to an unforgettable cruise experience is an essential step,” said Scott Piccolo. , Chief Digital Experience Officer of the cruise line.

The first piece in the “Norwegian Prima” collection will be sold at a charity auction on Wednesday, April 13 at 9 a.m. local time in Port Miami. All proceeds would go to Teach for America, which employs graduates to teach in needy schools across the United States.


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