City Council Approves Incentive Deal for Video Games and Digital Technology Company


Round Rock City Council voted 7-0 to approve an economic incentive for the headquarters and engineering studio of KingIsle Entertainment, a video game and digital technology company. The company will employ 150 people and invest a minimum of $500,000 in a 33,000 square foot facility.

KingsIsle, originally based in Plano, previously operated its software development studio in Round Rock, with 80 local employees. KingsIsle was acquired in January 2021 by Media and Games Invest, and as part of the acquisition process, the company conducted a nationwide search to identify a location to consolidate its US headquarters and engineering studio.

“KingsIsle is a vibrant addition to the Round Rock business community,” said Mayor Craig Morgan. “Not only is this a technology and IT company, which is a key industry target for our economic development partnership with the Round Rock Chamber, but it will also be a corporate headquarters. It’s a double win for Round Rock.

“We are excited to solidify and grow KingsIsle Entertainment’s Round Rock footprint while incorporating relocated staff from now decommissioned former offices in the Bay Area, Austin and Plano,” said Merv Lee Kwai, KingIsle Games Director. .

Under the terms of the agreement, KingIsle is required to lease a facility in Round Rock for at least three years, invest a minimum of $500,000 in property improvements and personal business assets, and create 150 core jobs. , which would include retaining the company’s 80 local employees. KingIsle has identified 33,000 square feet of office space at 2700 La Frontera Blvd. as the location of the establishment.

Positions will include a diverse workforce of software engineers, developers, and corporate and administrative functions with an average annual salary of $85,000 and offering full benefits, which is well above the average salary of Williamson County, said Jordan Robinson, vice president of economic development for the Round Rock Chamber.

In consideration of KingsIsle fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, economic incentive payments totaling $100,000 will be paid annually over a three-year period. The incentive will be funded by the City’s half-cent sales tax for economic development.


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