ArtPrize adds a new category for digital art


GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – An international art competition that has become an icon of Grand Rapids culture, ArtPrize transforms the city into a large-scale platform for exciting and innovative art each year, exhibiting works in public spaces for 18 days . Awards are given to artists based on critical opinion as well as public votes, creating a unique space for public conversations about art.

Today, ArtPrize announced a modern new category for art submissions. Artists are now invited to submit works in the new digital category.

Inputs that would fall under this category include electronic displays and screens, such as televisions, projection equipment, tablets or other devices.

“As technology advances, we see more and more digital inputs every year. Therefore, we are excited to add the new digital category for our artists. We can’t wait to see what they come up with,” said ArtPrize Executive Director Craig Searer.

Other existing categories include 2-D, 3-D, Time-Based, and Installation. The five categories, including the new digital category, will award $62,500 to winning artists through an independent judging panel.

Artist registration opened on April 25 and will close on June 10. Any artist over the age of 18 can apply for the competition, from any place on earth and submitting work in any medium.

ArtPrize will take place this year from September 15 to October 20. Visit the website for more details.


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