ARTA TechFin partners with Digital Technology of Insurance (“DTI”) to create a digital insurance platform in the Greater Bay Area


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HONG KONG, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — that of Hong Kong ARTA TechFin (00279.HK) (“ARTA”) and China Digital Technology of Insurance (“DTI”) today announced its partnership to provide a technology-driven insurance and wealth management resource to the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”). The alliance will immediately focus on the GBA insurance brokerage industry by providing a proprietary sales-focused SaaS system, technology-based sales support and training services, and plans for a sales center. insurance technology innovation in the GBA by 2022Q3.

Hong Kong ARTA TechFin (00279.HK) ("ARTA") and Chinese Digital Insurance Technology ("DTI") today announced their partnership to deliver a Greater Bay Area ("ACS") a technology-focused resource for insurance and wealth management.
ARTA TechFin (00279.HK) (“ARTA”) of Hong Kong and Digital Technology of Insurance (“DTI”) of China today announced their partnership to provide a technology-driven insurance and wealth management resource of the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”).

The ARTA and DTI partnership plans to revolutionize the way traditional insurance brokers serve affluent clients by improving their digital competitiveness. The partnership will enable agents and brokers to streamline their business processes and save time on transaction processing by modularizing insurance policy data and applying ARTA’s advanced actuarial modeling and data analytics capabilities /DTI. Both parties are committed to offering their clients one-stop wealth management solutions, including insurance as well as other hong kong financial products and services. Through sharing customer resources and empowering technology, the goal is to accelerate the development of insurance brokerage business and the company’s revenue growth.

Fully compliant with all cross-border regulations, the innovative new ARTA/DTI resource will provide a variety of co-branded products and services to end customers, agents and brokers.

Key benefits of the ARTA-DTI strategic partnership include access to one of the most comprehensive cross-border insurance databases, significant reductions in policy processing times, and insurance technology innovation in GBA.

DTI’s insurance database covers 30 years of historical data on life insurance products in mainland China China. The scope of data includes life insurance savings products, protection-based insurance products, and insurance products issued under provincial social security fund regulations.

DTI is currently the only Chinatechnology company that has completed the data collection, design and structuring of hong kongthe bank-based insurance policies most valued by mainland customers. The ARTA/DTI partnership aims to deliver products that dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of insurance sales by reducing policy transaction processing time from two weeks to one to two hours.

Mr. Eddie LauManaging Director of ARTA TechFin said today, “ARTA aspires to transform the traditional financial ecosystem through technological innovation such as Blockchain application and process automation. Our strategic partnership with DTI offers China cross-border resources and experiences. Clients will benefit from personalized, immersive and innovative services in insurance and wealth management. Our digital business solutions will allow agents and brokers to digitize customer preferences and profiles in an effort to better meet customer needs. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the development of the insurance brokerage business and the growth of company revenue through the sharing of customer resources and the empowerment of technology. »

Mr. Leo LouCEO of DTI said today, “DTI has always been committed to elevating the insurance industry through actuarial science and data technology. We offer innovative services in the areas of actuarial consulting, data structuring, professional training and business support. We believe these will strengthen, standardize and evolve the life insurance industry. in the GBA. Previously Managing Director, Noah Glory Insurance Broker, Lou is a pioneer in the Chinese actuarial industry and brings extensive experience in actuarial, sales and insurance operations.

ARTA TechFin (00279.HK)

ARTA TechFin aspires to build the next generation of financial services, artfully combining traditional business while using technology to create a new financial experience for customers. From automation to blockchain, ARTA TechFin will use technology to transform the traditional financial sector and expand into new services, products and experiences. By placing Technology in Finance (“TechFin”) at the heart of everything ARTA builds, ARTA will constantly change, disrupt, challenge and innovate the financial services industry. During this process, the company will deliver richer, more creative, more immersive, and more valuable customer experiences.

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