Adaptability of digital technology determines quality of education: ministry


The digital role has become a learning service transformation medium that should be carried out

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The ability to adapt to digital technology determines the quality of education, primary school principal Sri Wahyuningsih told the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology in a webinar.

The acceleration of digital technology encourages people to use it as best they can in order to achieve positive results, she noted.

One of the aspects the ministry is focusing on is the digitalization of schools to improve the quality of education.

“The digital role has become a medium for transformation of the learning service that should be carried out,” she pointed out.

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However, several areas still need to be worked on, including equalizing access and facilities to information and communication technologies, so that all children in Indonesia can have the same learning opportunities.

During the pandemic, children had to do online distance learning to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

However, not all children have adequate physical facilities and internet access to go through the learning process smoothly.

According to the result of the assessment on the state of education during the pandemic, a decline in achievement or a loss of learning has occurred due to the access gap.

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Learning loss is an academic decline in students that is related to a prolonged gap or poor education process.

According to Wahyuningsih, the effort to accelerate the quality of learning in an equitable way in Indonesia cannot be done by the government alone but requires the help of various parties, including the private sector.

“The production of quality human resources must begin with the collective efforts of government, the private sector and the people. This requires support and contribution to simultaneously improve the quality of education,” she remarked.

On the other hand, she stressed the importance of shaping the character of the younger generation in order to have a good moral compass as technology develops.

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