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In this digital age, we believe many technocrats will describe DTVs as “one-of-a-kind” assets without any tangible form that can be bought and owned like any property. Although NFTs are something digital like drawings, paintings, collectibles, music, however, an amazing factor is using unusual technology to sell digital art.

NFT Market YearnNFT Finance

YearnNFT Finance is a relatively new project built on Binance Smart Chain with a combination of incredible protocols. The platform will allow users to trade and store the major unique and unlimited collectibles favored on the BSC blockchain.

We offer art ownership for a smooth and seamless transfer between users, and the YearnNFT project paves the way for the demonstration of the decentralized digital art market. Our webpage clearly mentions our native NFT assets developed on the BSC blockchain network, as this has been an inspiration to power many digital works of art and collectibles.

With this project, different artists can possibly upload their digital works of art. On our side, the platform validates digital works of art using an advanced blockchain network to prohibit forgery and ensure traceability. We want to bring our dream project – YearnNFT Finance to major NFT art markets, hitting the all-time trading volume target of $ 7.5 million, selling over 14,000 chefs – digital artwork and collectibles.

New murals could come in the future to encapsulate newly created NFT artwork at auction. YearnNFT will be a marketplace that will provide a one-stop-shop to sell and aggregate the most profitable assets. Unlike other NFT start-up projects developed on Ethereum Blockchain, the YearnNFT Finance project is an NFT project using the Binance Smart Chain to issue YFNFT assets. We revealed some major artwork right after the smart contract was completed.

YearnNFT Finance YFNFT Tokenomics

YearnNFT Finance is a new BSC-based NFT marketplace that aims to simplify the trading of non-fungible tokens. The network platform is powered by a governance asset called the YFNFT token.

This project is a hub for NFT enthusiasts and brands. Here, every user in the community can take control of the governance of the project to freely review contests, rewards, offers, bonuses, and NFT markets.

  • Project name: Funding YearnNFT
  • Symbolic symbol: YFNFT
  • Total Token Supply: 73,332
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

This is the right place for cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts taking advantage of the troop art collectibles. You can now send, receive, store and redeem YFNFT tokens directly with your priority app at YearnNFT Finance.

Highlights of YearnNFT Finance

We encourage users to step into the modern NFT world with YearnNFT Finance.

YearnNFT Finance will offer early birds a reward of 100 NFT points.

However, the marketplace is under development and the project roadmap will be published soon.

Our network has developed its own governance token earned on BSC called YFNFT with a total supply of 73,339.

Soon the social media bounty will be live on the official platform to distribute the YFNFT tokens increasing the value of the asset.

YFNFT token holders will be permitted to purchase and reserve their NFT assets for future investment.

This token is intended to be distributed in presale by claiming a certain value before being listed on the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

We are preparing to launch our exclusive marketplace 15 days after the presale event.

Users joining YearnNFT Finance will be able to create a free account and freely redeem NFT tokens.

Airdrop Finance YearnNFT bounty campaign

YearnNFT launched its Airdrop bounty program from October 20, 2021 to display free bulk YFNFT tokens. You need to perform one of the tasks mentioned below to collect the YFNFT tokens. View the tasks assigned to you to complete and earn YFNFT assets.

Rewards will be distributed weekly based on earned tokens and contributors. Here we are:

  1. Follow, Like, Comment and RT at least 10 posts on YearnNFT Finance Twitter Account
  2. Join and comment on the success of the project on the YearnNFT Finance Telegram account
  3. Follow, like and comment on the YearnNFT Finance Medium account
  4. Follow, Like and Comment the YearnNFT Finance Reddit account
  5. Follow, like and comment on the YearnNFT Finance Facebook account
  6. Visit, register and view the YearnNFT Finance website.

User details required:

  • Binance Smart Chain wallet address;
  • Twitter profile link;
  • Telegram identifier.

User must provide the above mentioned details in the submission form: shorturl.at/msGH3. YearnNFT Finance also publishes its registration and referral program where the user must register with YearnNFT to earn 100 NFT points. You can even refer your friends and colleagues to earn an additional 100 NFT points on each referral. The value of YFNFT tokens is set to 100 NFT = 0.01 YFNFT.

Final words

We believe that NFTs have the potential to revolutionize digital exclusivity and give a whole new meaning to digital property rights. Even celebrities and investors are starting to join NFT projects. Such brand new projects then began to gain momentum, influencing record sales.

As a result, in the future, we expect the growth of NFT to exceed all expectations and beyond with deeper integration into decentralized financial protocols and non-fungible tokens. This will not only make them more liquid, but also valuable. The collaboration between digital art and collectible features is one of the most sophisticated ways to attract new buyers.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YearnNft

Medium: https://medium.com/@yearnnft

Telegram: https://t.me/YearnNFT

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/YearnNFT/

Official site: https://yearnnft.finance/

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